In every child lies the potential
to be fulfilled and to succeed.

About PrepWorks

PrepWorks is an education company founded by Oxford University and Ivy League graduates, who together guide, prepare and nurture students into successfully applying to top boarding schools and universities in the world, namely in UK and US. We work with well-established partners who have helped hundreds of successful students gain entry into top institutions such as Harrow, Winchester, Benenden, Wycombe Abbey, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Yale with a running track record of more than 50% acceptance rate compared to the increasingly competitive entry landscape of 5-15%.

We do all this through our complete range of preparation methods including:

  • Ongoing Admissions Guidance.
  • School Selection and Strategy
  • Subject Tutoring (face to face or online with highly qualified tutors in the UK for pre-GCSEs, GCSEs, A levels and IB )
  • Interview Preparation
  • Specific Entrance Exam Preparation (CE11+, CE13+, UKiSET, SATS, ACT, GMAT, LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT, PAT, MAT)
  • General Consultations.

Our Vision

Drawing on our breadth of experience, we hope to be your partners in preparing your child with all the credentials and skills needed to thrive so that with any future endeavours, including applications to top boarding schools and universities, he or she will have the best chance of success.

Our Founder

Tamara Lim

Tamara attended Alice Smith International School in Kuala Lumpur and Wycombe Abbey School, the top UK Girls’ Boarding School, before graduating from Oxford University with Honours in Materials Science (MEng). She was awarded an academic scholarship and several prizes at Trinity College, including Qinetiq Prize for best team design project, The Worshipful Ironmongers’ Prize for best research presentation, Corus prize for best practical marks as well as music and choral scholarships. She was also College Athletics Captain and holds a prestigious “Half-blue” from Pistol Shooting for Oxford. Tamara spent her 4th year doing research on Biomaterials at MIT in Boston.

Following this, she joined Shell in 2006 and worked as a Materials Corrosion Engineer in a refinery in The Netherlands, and returned to Kuala Lumpur in 2010 to be a Business Analyst, and shortly after, a Sales and Marketing Manager for Drilling Fluids. Tamara left Shell to pursue her true passion in helping more Malaysians get into their dream universities so that others have the chance to have as fulfilling an experience as she did.

BFM Radio Feature

Our director, Tamara Lim, featured on BFM radio, providing valuable tips on how to apply to Top UK and US Universities. Listen to find out more.