English Communication Skills for Business

Effective communication directly impacts the growth of a company

“ I really appreciate my company and Prepworks for having such a 10-day fun learning course, specially for us to improve our English Communication Skills. I am impressed with the tutor for her patience, experiences and knowledge. It is good to have someone who can correct our mistake on the spot and have Q&A sessions when we have any doubts. Good communication is the key to success. I can speak better and communicate in a more confident and competent now (at least not too nervous when i speak to my superiors).”

“Very interactive class and enjoyed so much during the class!”

“The entire 10 sessions kept me involved and interested!
I like the classes because the presentations were different, unlike those already had the power point slides prepared.”

“Ms Ivy and Ms Tamara are very experienced tutors and they not only taught us English, they have also shared with us the public speaking and presentation skills. Ms Ivy has put a lot of effort amending our exercise and preparing homework for us. Overall the English classes were interesting and I enjoyed it very much”