About Aidan Chan

Tutor, PrepWorks

BA in Mathematics, Cambridge University

  • Maths and Further Maths IGCSE
  • Mathematics IB
  • Maths and Further Maths A levels
  • Maths Entrance Exam for UK Boarding Schools Entry at 13+ and 16+
  • MAT and other Maths Entrance Exams
  • Finance
  • Business Studies IGCSE
  • Economics IGCSE and A levels

Aidan is an Assistant Vice President with Khazanah Nasional, and works in the Research and Investment Strategy department, doing research on business strategy. Sector-wise, he covers research on technology, primarily looking at semiconductors, electric vehicles (EVs), renewable energy, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and fintech. On a geographical basis he does research on Europe and the UK. He graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in Mathematics from Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, in 2012. He has been tutoring students since 2009 in mathematics, finance, business studies, and economics.