About Hamizwanis

Tutor, PrepWorks

BA in Business Administration, MARA University of Technology

  • Malay IGCSE

Puan Anis is a Malay language coach who helps students to speak, write and understand the Malay language fluently. She has 7 years of experience in personal coaching to countless of international school students, home schooling, private tutoring and government schools. The students that she has coached are majority not native Malay speakers and studying Malay as a foreign language. After a successful career helping students pass their IGCSE Malay exams with flying colours, Puan Anis now coaches students on a larger scale to achieve excellent results in IGCSE Malay. She enjoys spending time with her kids and reading motivational books.

“Hamizwanis was my grandson Ruban’s Malay Language tutor towards his IGCSE. She is a totally committed, sensitive and patient tutor, second to none I have ever known. I unreservedly recommend her to any parent. Ruban’s A* in Malay was in no small measure the result of Hamizwanis’ enduring effort.” – Dato DR PS Nathan, grandfather to an Alice Smith School student

“Hamizwanis tutored both my kids for many years towards their IGCSE’s examination in Malay. She was amazing as she took 2 kids who did not know how to speak, write or understand Malay, who had different personalities and attitude towards studying, and pulled them through to get an A and A*
respectively. Patient, calm and dedicated teacher.” – Miss Zalina Shamsuddin, mother of 2 Alice Smith School students

“Puan Hamizwanis was the Bahasa Malaysia tutor to my daughter. I find her to be an amazing educator, highly dedicated to teaching and tutoring. She has a genuine desire to see her students succeed and this she accomplishes by her close guidance, motivation and patience. Her knowledge in the subject matter coupled with her effective study techniques brings out the desired results in her students. It is my pleasure to recommend her most strongly.” Puan Khalidah Talha, mother of Subang Utama Secondary School