About Martha

Tutor, PrepWorks

BA in Social Anthropology and Political Science, the University of Edinburgh

Martha is English and grew up in London, but after studying Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, she decided that the best way to learn about this field would be to travel the world and experience different cultures firsthand. Impressively, her first teaching position was being a Personal Residential Tutor to a prestigious member of the Italian Government, and she has since taught English to people from all over the world, adapting her lessons to suit all ages. In order to make her classes accessible to everyone, she has developed unique and highly effective online teaching methods. She has a passion for philanthropy, and is currently living in Thailand, where she is producing a professional documentary outlining exploitation within the coconut industry. On the side, she is a Journalist and writes articles primarily on raising awareness about Global and Humanitarian issues.

Martha sat her own GCSEs and A Levels at a top English boarding school (Downe House), and drawing from her own direct experience, now specializes in assisting students with their own boarding school application preparation. She places strong emphasis on encouraging students to express their authentic selves as fluently and confidently as possible, as she knows that boarding school interviewers value personality and innovative thinking, as much as they do grammar and vocabulary. She also offers personalized in-depth coaching and role-playing for adults in preparation for English job interviews and public speaking, drawing from her previous experience working in H.R.

Martha’s core values as a teacher are to ensure that her classes are based around discussing interesting real-life topics so students become deeply engaged, and to provide a relaxed enough environment to promote stepping outside of their comfort zone and thinking outside of the box. As well as interview preparation, Martha concentrates on Critical Thinking and Writing skills, as well as Pronunciation and English Accent Coaching.