PrepWorks Malaysia is an education company founded by Oxford University and Ivy League graduates, who together guide, prepare and nurture students into successfully applying to top boarding schools and universities in the world, namely in the UK and US. We work with well-established partners who have helped hundred of successful students gain entry into top institutions such as Harrow, Winchester, Benenden, Wycombe Abbey, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Yale, with a running track record of more than 50% acceptance rate compared to the normal acceptance rates of 5-15%.

We do all this through our complete range of preparation techniques including ongoing admissions guidance which touches on school selection and strategy, subject tutoring (face to face or online with highly qualified tutors in the UK for pre-GCSEs, GCSEs, A levels, IB), interview preparation, specific entrance exam preparation (CE11+, CE13+, UKiSET, SATS, ACT, GMAT, LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT, PAT, MAT) and general consultations.


We are an education company founded by Oxford University and Ivy League graduates.


We hope to be your partners in preparing your child with all the credentials and skills needed to thrive.


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Pursuing an English Literature Degree – Is it Really ‘Useless’?

“What job can you get with this degree?”
This question would probably be a familiar one to many parents out there worried for the future of their children who will be taking a closer step into the real world.
It is a fair concern as humanitarian subjects such as language, philosophy, history, and many others within the category does not have a direct application to the job market. However, how true is it that degrees such as these would lead you nowhere? Well, according to PrepWorks’ Tutor, Carmen Thong, it is true only to a limited extent.

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A Reading List to Remember

Ever thought what books your child should have read by the time they were 18? Or just looking for the perfect reading list of educational, inspirational and thoughtful literature. If these questions have crossed your mind, especially for some of us a million times, you are reading the right blog! Below we have a collection of books and their summaries: a list to inspire, to educate and for fun!

Put together by one of our top English tutors, having just got accepted (on full scholarship) to do her PhD in English Literature at Stanford University, PrepWorks brings you their favourite under 18 book list. We recommend you to get these books today or borrow them from our updated PrepWorks library!

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GRIT: A Key Skill for our Future Generation?

As a teacher for over a decade, my question has always been ‘What sets one student apart from another?’ Is it nature or nurture? Usually, by the end of the first class, I have a feeling who will do well and who would need extra help. What did the kids who I knew would do well have in them? What were the qualities I was unconsciously looking out for?

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