PrepWorks provide services such as admissions guidance, personal statement / personal essay review, exam preparation, interview preparation, SAT/ACT prep classes, common entrance 11+ / 13+ prep, and tutoring in a variety of subjects. All our counsellors and tutors have graduated from top universities, most being Oxbridge and Ivy League alumni, and are all dedicated to providing invaluable help and advice to aspiring young students in Malaysia and ASEAN.

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PREP UK UNI For Entry Into Top UK Universities

Our comprehensive package starts with a first consultation to identify the candidates profile, potential university list and course options, and following that, continual admissions guidance to ensure the student is on the right track to submitting a strong application. We also ensure the student is continually developing his or her profile to match the subject he or she is applying for.

Towards the summer before A levels, our team which consists of a general counsellor as well as a subject matter expert review the student’s personal statement to ensure they have produced their best for the subject they are applying for.

We help with any specific entrance exam preparation or supplementary essays required by the university as part of the student’s application. Normally this is the university’s specific way of selecting their candidates. This includes Oxbridge and Medical school exams such as TSA, PAT, MAT, HAT, LNAT, BMAT and UKCAT.

For those who are invited for interview, we help prepare them with the necessary techniques and communication skills by subjecting them to several mock interviews and feedback sessions so they are learning by doing. The interviewer is normally a subject matter expert in the subject the student is applying for, and particularly for Oxbridge, the mock interviews will familiarize students with the highly academic nature of the Oxbridge interviews using actual past questions.

PREP US UNI For Entry Into Top US Universities

A mentor from a top US university will help to improve the profile of each candidate by offering advice as to what is strong about their profile, what doesn’t need pursuing and what needs improvement in order to successfully apply for their desired US universities. He or she will also recommend good profile building activities.

We offer 4 college, 7 college and 10 college admissions packages whereby the student will receive help to select the ideal colleges for him or her based on their subject major, financial situation and/or personal preferences.

Personal essays are one of the most important steps of the US application. We help guide the student in writing to their best, including all the elements needed for an excellent and engaging essay.

Most US universities screen their applicants based on the Standardized Aptitude Tests (SATS) of basic English and Maths, the more subject-specific SAT IIs or ACT. We help with providing SATS/ACT training either through one-on-one or group classes, both face-to-face and online. Our sessions touch on special techniques and tips for each individual to significantly improve on their test score.

PREP UK BOARDING For Entry Into UK Boarding Schools

We first advise for your child to sit an assessment in English and/or Maths to see if he or she is on par with his or her peers in the top UK boarding schools and if not, provide any tutoring needed to reach that level.

Based on the initial assessment, we will draw up a list of recommended UK schools that would suit your child depending on his or her preferences, personality as well as any family preferences. The most important factor here is finding the ‘right’ school and schooling environment that he or she will thrive the most in and not necessarily the most academic. We also help most parents determine the right age at which to send their child, whether it’d be at 11+, 13+ or 16+ entry.

Almost all UK boarding schools require the Common Entrance examination to determine acceptance of a candidate. Our tutors are specifically trained in these exams and can help with exam technique fully preparing your child to tackle these particular test papers.

Most schools when accepting 16+ entry candidates will require subject tests in their intended A level subjects. Some will also require verbal reasoning. We help prepare your child so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

Some schools will require your child to go for several interviews. We help your child by giving a few mock interviews and feedback sessions, tailoring it specifically if they are preparing for a certain school.

PREP TUTOR For In-Home And Online Tutoring

Our PREP TUTOR services are designed to address the specific needs of our students be it to stretch themselves in a subject they have a flair in, to improve in a subject they are weaker in, to explore a new subject they are of reading at university or just to improve their level of English or Maths.

Our tutors are all experienced in giving one-on-one teaching either face-to-face or for those based in the UK, online over Skype. Almost all have graduated from a top UK or US university, and have taught many students with a track record of excellent feedback. Most are highly-qualified subject specialists, some in subjects hard to find tutors for in Malaysia, such as Economics, Psychology, Materials Science and Chemistry.

We occasionally run group classes in Life Skills for 9-14 yr olds, such as Public Speaking and Interview Skills, which expose students early on to key skills needed throughout their education and careers, minimizing the risk of leaving it too late by the time they are older.

  • English, Maths and Science for 9-14 year olds
  • GCSEs
  • A levels/IB
  • Life Skills ( Public Speaking, Interview Skills)